2016 14U Elite Red Roster


We are proud to announce the selection of the 2016 Blackstone Valley Division 14 Elite Red Cheer Coaching Staff

  • Julia Guarniero – Johnston

  • Mell Melise- Johnston

  • Lori Guarniero- Johnston

Congratulations to the following cheerleaders and their associations for earning the chance to represent Blackstone Valley at AYF Nationals.

  • Hailey Turner- Johnston

  • Amara Sargent- Providence 49ers

  • Lily Albenese- Johnston

  • Heidi McGuire- CLCF

  • Giuliana Melise- Johnston

  • Lynda Orellana- Johnston

  • Victoria Holden- Johnston

  • Janet Clements- Johnston

  • Emily Placella- Johnston

  • Anastasia You- Providence 49ers

  • Ariya Marchetti- Johnston

  • Jenna Popolla- Johnston

  • Yasmine Hultquist- Lincoln

  • Julia Burgos- Johnston

  • Ava Marchesseault- Johnston