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We’re on a mission to send 96 youth football players and cheerleaders to Florida for the 2017 American Youth Football and Cheer Championships.  This comes at an enormous cost (estimated to be $121,400.00).  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these young men and women.  It is an experience that they will never forget and you have the opportunity to help them achieve their goals.

“Please mister, I’ve never seen a palm tree before. Can you please take my picture standing in front of one?”

These words were spoken to me by a 14 year old football player when he got off the plane in Orlando, Florida for the American Youth Football National Championships several years ago. He had been chosen to play on our All Star team that year. Unfortunately, his story is not unique. Many of our players have never been out of New England and if it weren’t for organized youth sports may never have had that opportunity.

The saddest part is that there is a large number of children athletically gifted enough to compete on one of our two All Star football teams or cheer for one of our two Elite cheer squads and are unable to participate due to the financial hardship on their families.

Our All Star teams are completely self-funded with families paying for any amount not covered by donations, sponsorships, and fundraising. The cost for a football player or coach is $1,200.00 and the cost for a cheerleader or coach is $850.00. Our coaches pay the same amount as the football players / cheerleaders and must pay any amount not covered by donations, sponsorships, and fundraising.

Your donation, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and will help us realize our dreams of sending every athletically qualified football player and cheerleader to participate in the American Youth Football and Cheer Championships without worrying about the cost to their families.

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